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Hawk Nation- Friends, Family, Fun, Competition

“Hawk Nation, Yeah Baby!” Be a Winner



THE HAWKS”   What each Road Hawk player share in common
Passion, Motivation, Determination, and Commitment .
1.  Heart, Heart, and more Heart. 
2. Love of the game
3. Passion for athletic competition.  
4, Personal self commitment to becoming the best they can be.   
5. Determination and motivation in everything they do
6. Creativity that push the limits of one’s skill level. 
7. The deep self character to never surrender to a higher challenge of competition. 
8. Compassion for other team players and the characteristic to make everyone around them a better player through team work and leadership.
Finally it’s what we call and named; “ The Gamer” it’s that hidden passion, self strength, determination, and competitive characteristic that can’t be taught. It is evident in the best athletes that the one Characteristic regardless of natural athletic abilities surfaces and is the driving force that separates select top lacrosse players from the rest of athletic lacrosse participants.

Future Hawks

Central Hawks

Central Hawks at college exposure events

A Life time of Friendships and Memories

Heart, Determination, Commitment, Passion, Motivation


  • 24 Tournament Championships
  • 36 Final Championship Games
  • 274 Recruited Upstate lacrosse Student Athletes
  • (144-Division One) (49 Division II) (106 Division III)
  • Over 10 Million in College Scholarships 

Family, Friendships, Team Work, Fun, Competitive, Upstate


          Promoting a life time of Friendships and Memories